He said he was running out..

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Time paid me a visit today and said he was running out.

I’m not sure why he felt the need to announce this absurdity,

maybe he was feeling neglected. 😐.


Maybe he felt that we were taking him for granted.

I mean sure,

he’s gone on rants before saying things like:

What more do you WANT from me?!

I’m here when you get up, I’m here when you are going to bed! But it’s not enough is it? Its NEVER enough!

When is it going to be ENOUGH? Just TELL me!!

You say you need MORE. …

(Photo by Artem Podrez from StockPixel)

Unless you want to be woken from a nightmare.

The last time i recovered from Covid, I spent an inordinant amount of money, on carnivorous food to reboot myself and feed my starving bones the protein they were lacking.

THIS TIME, after suffering for 24 hours with a 102 fever, after taking the vaccine, and getting a speed thru experience of the virus, when I emerged, I spent an inordinant amount of money on GREENS. Which was strange. Since carbs and i go WAYYYY back.

Anyway i chowed down on the best crunchy fresh bowl of salad that i have ever eaten.🤨

With only a little vinegar, some avocado-and-tomato…

… here in the city. But all was not lost.

A long, wet, rainy way from home…

It’s was a dark and stormy night…

..here in the city. But all was not lost. Even though I had to walk 20 blocks out of the way in search of a notary.. and never found one.😐🙄

Still, the soak was worth it. All was not lost, (except possibly my shoes which are soaked thru.🙄) For the light in a storm is always interesting, so here are a few cool pictures I got on the way home.

Photo by Philip Belena on UpSplash

The humidity rolls over me like a deep depression

Or is it the other way around?

The end of quarantine is approaching and little I have to show for it.

I haven’t had to quarantine, I’ve had to work through the season

Except when I was sick.

Yet What have I learned?

I don’t know.

What have I done?

not much.

My spouse is back and forth to their country and I wonder if I can hold on to them .

I’m not sure if they are holding on to me.

I feel that my world is slipping away as…

How I Managed to Tackle 48 hours in 8 minutes.

Photo by Ben Hershey on UpSplash

It has taken me no less that 3 months to divise, craft, hone, organize and get on the Ford conveyor belt of efficiency. And today, I am starting to see the light at the end of the juggernaut.

What am I talking about?

Three months or so ago, I stumbled upon a book on Amazon called How to Learn Almost Anything in 48 hours.

A Chapter 1.

The deep dish artichoke and spinach pizza looked more like a mess of curdled cream and green threads, but out of curiosity, he figured it might be interesting.

He had asked them if they could heat it up, but tasting it now, outside, in the breezy, spring sunshine, all he tasted, was garlic, and room temperature.. ricotta? He wondered…maybe that’s what the curdled concoction was.

They had given him the slice in the back of the display case. He had wanted to ask for the slice in the front, because it was a clear triangle, shaped…

I think I spoke to soon.

Photo by emir saldierna on UpSplash

I said hello before my turn,

I think I spoke too soon.

I said hello,

but from a higher power

Oh! couldn’t we possibly,

Just turn back the hour?

For they weren’t ready.

It was quite clear.

But the timing

should have been right

The lack of sight

And premonition

Told me we were-

-just off that night.

Still, the prompts were there

Arrows pointing,

Hovering, mid-air: crying

Nows the time! The time is now!”

So the words fell off my tongue:


Hey you-


I knew the walk.

the hunch.

The slouch, the same.

I didn’t have a…

Photo by Mick Haupt on UpSplash

(written Jan 28 2021)

My grandmother died today.

She was an amazing woman. She was and funny and lively with a great sense of humor

She was also a great artist.

She also had good fortune to have literally lived all over the world with my grandfather. (#whowasalsoAmazing.)

When I had fallen to pieces in my life, and my mind, my grandparents were the only ones who could patch me up and put me back together. They gave me back my footing and foundation.

“If you can go from first to last, no reason you can’t go from last to first.”

-Paddy Payne

My parents at that time, were justifiably horrified, and probably wanted to put me…

This is Jerry, one of our elephants on his daily walk in Central Park. He likes to hang out by Turtle Pond. Photo by Geran de Klerk supplied generously to UpSplash

I have just received another letter reminding me that elephants could all be gone in 20 years.

We have been receiving these threats for long enough to, yet no one seems to be doing anything about it.

It’s time someone took a stand.

You can count on me to help protect Africa’s elephants from poaching and other threats.

Thus I have decided that instead of enclosing a tax deductible membership contribution, I will instead open up my apartment.

I will open up my home/apartment to all the wayward neglected unloved, tuskless, and tusked, elephants.

As well as the few remaining healthy ones.

I figure with my 650sf of space, I could probably fit about 7 elephants comfortably. …


Nomadic procrastinator suffering from run-on sentences caught between a 9 to 5, an expired passport, a 30 yr mortgage and a dog who has separation anxiety.

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