A Math Problem

2 min readOct 31, 2023


With oranges.

Extra credit: From which of the 2 locations mentioned, did these oranges originate?

Here’s a real world math problem-

Sally walks to the store.
Sally needs to get oranges.

Sally passes by a farmers market stand, and notices that they are selling 5 oranges for 1 dollar.

Sally has 3 dollars cash.

Sally goes into the super market, because she also needs to get a gallon of water for her pet zebra.

And some soap.

She sees some nice oranges in the store selling

for $2 dollars each.

Technically, the piece of plastic in Sally’s pocket, tells her she can get as many oranges as she wants.

How much water and oranges does Sally get?



The answer is none.

Sally totally forgets the water, because she remembered she needed soy milk .

And while ringing her up- since the oranges came to $100 dollars, she tells the cashier:

"forget the oranges",

and that she would buy them from the Farmer’s market outside, since he’s selling them at 5 oranges for $1 .

Except Sally forgets to stop at the Farmer’s market and goes straight home - to her pet zebra that is now kicking down the wall because he is so thirsty — causing Sally to suddenly remember,

that she spaced on the water.

Estimating that the soy milk in her bag would surely kill the zebra, Sally fumbles around her bag figuring she will at least feed the zebra an orange to calm him down.

Sally looks in her bag, and sees there are no oranges.

Sally races back to the farmers market with her 3 dollars cash, leaving the zebra to destroy the rest of her apartment.

Sally calculates with the 3 dollars she can perhaps buy all the oranges from the farmers market, estimating that at least one out of 15 oranges surely has to be good.

At the farmers market, Sally now realizes that she misread the sign to begin with .

It wasn’t $1 for 5 oranges,
but $1 for 1 orange,
and 6 for $5.

All the oranges look gross.

Frustrated and confused , Sally instead,

buys 5 bananas for 1 dollar.

Goes home, and shoots the zebra.

Sally pours herself a glass of soy on the rocks,

and calls it a night.

Her building didn’t allow zebras anyway,

and after killing the zebra, Sally honestly can’t remember why she even needed oranges in the first place.

The end.

Sally's Zebra is not a minature, but a full, grown ass, normal size zebra. For some reason, when you ask Ai to paint a zebra, it thinks they are 2 ft tall.. Apologies to all the tiny zebras out there, as no miniature zebras were harmed in this math problem. Just one, dumb, normal size zebra.




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