A Shout Out To The Woman Conducting The 6 Train

During the hours of 3:20- 3:30pm on September 20 2023

2 min readMay 29, 2024
Ai image of nyc subway car without people graffiti or trash -so not a nyc subway car, but close enuf

A Respectful Shout Out To You.

To the woman who conducted the 6 train on Sept 20th 2023 around 3:25 in the afternoon:

Your vocal consistency was AWE-some.

For a few brief minutes in time, we were ALL your children in that train.

And we were ALL in trouble, and late on curfew, as you threatened to close the doors on us.

And then, those of us who successfully, (but barely )made it in the train- once we were safely IN,

WE were now the kids, that were no longer in trouble, but instead, rested safely and smugly under your wing as we observed with that 1st-child-favorite-feeling now watched those ugh-so-embarassing-second-children trying to enter in, to our already packed train.

We smiled, thinking:

Aww yur gonna Get it!!”

relieved as we knew the anger,

your anger,

that mama-bear anger,

thankfully, was no longer directed

at us.

-and because of that, we were now, able to hear your words without shaking in…




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