What Do Putin and the Dali Lama Have In Common?

4 min readJun 24, 2022

Feb 22.

February 22,2022 seems like eons ago.

I remember reading the papers 3 months ago confirming that the invasion of Ukraine had begun.

After weeks of reports saying Putin WASNT going to invade, while showing rediculous photos of more and more troops surrounding Ukraines borders. .. It was pretty obvious an invasion was what was going to happen. But I’ve never experienced such a strange reporting. What idiot authorized such lies?We could see it in real time slowly as Putin organized more and more tanks around the circumference of Ukraine, with no one to stop him. And no one to question his actions. Such a strange thing. And now, three months later,there is no sign of stopping, no sign of winning, but also no sign of any sort of resolution, just a consistant destruction of a country that was a perfectly happy country in January.

The only thing good so far, is hooray, today Ukraine has been accepted into the European Union? I think?

What does THAT mean? I m not even sure what that means. Does that mean Ukraine will go on the Euro? as a currency? I have no idea. Doe it have any effect on the war? no idea.

I will say 3 months ago, I was sure and horrified, that Putin with his army would surely, plow thru Ukraine, in a day. [I grew up with a classic Russia fear, and have watched enough spy movies to learn that Russains are scary and mean lol.] So when Ukraine, stood tough, stood their ground, and fought back, things started to get Biblical. Truly amazing the strength and perserverance of the Ukrainians, and just incredible toughness that the Ukrainians have. I spoke to my father about what was gong on, and he said “ Oh yah, It’s known, the Ukrainians have the toughest army.. probably, in the world.”

what? “Its KNOWN?!Since when?! I thought .. since Feb 23rd 2022?

But apparently its been known much longer than that, I guess I have been looking in the wrong places.

Anyway, my hats off to you all in Ukraine. I don’t know what to say, except you all are amazing. If it were me, I would have turned very quickly, run to probably…New Zealand, and stowed away on a sheep farm, to avoid what you all have had to go through.

Who would have thought something this insensible would happen nowadays. A country, who has the entire world against it, fighting another country, who has the entire…


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