We Were Never Meant to Read Lips.

We Were Meant To Read Minds.

Oct 21, 2020


This is the future.

So I finally realized why we are having this pandemic, why it is such a worry, and confusion, and why people are telling us to wear masks.

They are preparing us,

for the FUTURE.

They are training our minds to learn to read other minds. Think about the conversations you have now with other masked people.

And how often, even though what you are saying isn’t even clear, the other person already gets it. 😳

Even when you said banana, but meant to say, dishwasher.

That’s because we are learning to mind read.

The future is coming.

The aliens have clearly landed. 😐

Turn off the computers.

Put down the flash cards kids.

It’s time to start guessing what I’m thinking.

Because clearly,


already know.😳😱

Brooke Denevan was the eye witness and photographer of this encounter. Last known whereabouts for Brooke was UpSplash. As for the green goblin’s whereabouts, well, we have no idea for we are still terrible mind readers. For all we know, he might be right behind you reading your thoughts.
Here we are practicing our mind reading skill yesterday in Central Park. Photographed by Jaxon Lott, and documented on UpSplash. The Park has clearly seen better days, before all the Covid restrictions and lack of donations. But with all of our mind reading practicing, we barely notice.




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