Thoughts on Building Credibility In The Workplace.

Or How to Feed the Snake, Without Letting the Snake, Feed You.

7 min readApr 19, 2023

Or Rather, How To Forgo Writing 8 Seasons of a Sitcom, and Save Yourself 10 Years of-Insanity.

yah. YOU eat it dummy. -Photo taking by my brave friend imagineAI

I just read a delightful rainbow-lensed article about How To Build Credibility In The Work Place.

I imagine the target audience was for Telletubbies.

Still, if it got into the wrong hands, it could make quite a few people PRETTI frustrated, because work life, isn’t about making eveyone like you, or about building your credibility with the workplace.

It’s about making one person like you.

And that person,

-is your manager.

The sooner you learn this , the closer you are to becoming the CEO.

Building credibility at work, requires pleasing your manager, so they can, in return, please their manager.

That’s it. Period.

Do- what your manager needs you to do,

so his manager will stay off his back.

And that, my friend,

is all, you ever need to do.

“Earning the trust” of people around you, people who work with you, just makes them toss more of the crap that they don’t want to do,- your way.

“Mikey will do it, Mikey is amaaazing with that!”

Ultimately — even though you might pat yourself on the back bc you are so great with helping out, -it’s going to upset your manager, because they are going to now, want to know- why you didn’t get done, what they asked you to get done.

Yet you think to yourself:

“Well…we are a team!

“We Are All A Team!”


You are not a team.

You are there -to feed your boss, who in turn, feeds his boss, who in turn, feeds his boss. ..and so on up the feudal ladder.

If You Aren’t Ready To Handle This Reality, Then You Need To Go Entrepreneur-Yourself-Up And Live Your Life Now.

It is not worth thinking “No! I will change the paradigm in this!”

Because you won’t.

If you ARE ok, with this reality, then knowing this -going in, will make your journey to the top, a breeze.

No sarcasm. full stop.

And maybe then, when you are at the top, YOU can choose to change the paradigm.

but not until you get there.

NOT knowing this, is like thinking you can break down 20 brick walls,

with your head.

You can’t.

And it will start to hurt, because you will try.

The Only Ideas That Are Heard at work Are : “H”. and “R”.

No ideas are ever heard or valued, unless they start with something like: “Stop beating me up!”

Because if people know (or fear), that their ass could be on the line with HR, your words -might be heard.

But not the idea or words that you want be heard.

No one “values” anything at work.

You are fooling yourself if you think that.

You will be very frustrated if you try to impose your wonderful unicorn internal reality, onto the corporate cog.


very sad face, bc that is still the reality of the corporate world. Yes, it is sad, stupid, and way-outdated. But that world, still runs the big world*.

hang in there Corny. Ai will make things better! …..or worse..

People are at work, to make money, to feed their families, pay their bills, cover their health care, and take that vacation to Dubai next year.

The CEOs of the world would all disagree with this article, but that is because they are outside OF THIS WORLD. The king, cannot see what is really gong on inside his country, and his “yes” men are not going to tell him.

Because the CEO lives in a different world or realm, it is very difficult to reach them. Still, if the CEO did hear your ideas, they would in fact, be heard,

and possibly, even valued.

But depending on your corporate structure, it may be close to impossible to have the CEO hear your ideas.

If you can get to the CEO, then you are a step ahead of the pack.

For the rest, the only way to your CEO, is through your manager,

and thus, the rules here, would still apply.

Looking for Guidance in All the Wrong Places

Approaching others for “guidance and advice,” is a waste of time, unless you approach a person who is still ignorant of the above reality. Because that person might actually take the time to tell you how they have managed to survive.

But their advice won’t be helpful if you want to get somewhere fast, for the reality is they have just learned to tolerate and suffer, instead of learning how to feed the snake at its fangs.

Don’t Rely On Work For Your Sense of Purpose and Belonging.

A sense of purpose and belonging comes from the inside, based on you, not based on your environment, that you are placed in. (If you are a minister reading this, please my apologies, You have a higher calling. : ) )
That said, we all have a higher calling, and maybe the corporate cog, is where you have decided to play out your higher purpose,- and that is great, but don’t rely on others to give you your sense of purpose.

You have to figure out your sense of purpose, yourself.

or, yknow, pray. : )

Gauge Your Sense of Progress, On the Proximity of the Guillotine.

My sense of progress, is very different, from that of my manager’s sense of progress. I literally get no sense of progress, (or purpose for that matter) by doing what my manager wants me to do. But I know, that if I do, what my manager wants, or expects me to do, I get to step one step further away from the guillotine, which, is nice.

What my clients ask of me, is where I get my purpose and belonging. But what my clients ask of me, and my solving their problems, doesn’t always get the job done the way my manager would like, or as quickly as my manager would like.

So it comes down to two simple choices:

  1. Whether you want to feed the snake,

2. Or serve your clients.

If you try to do both, you are basically doing two separate jobs, and you will exhaust yourself. I can speak from experience.

So what are you supposed to do?

The short answer is, feed the snake.

Your boss will praise you, and give you a raise faster than if you focus on serving the client, or feeding your sense of purpose -whatever that may be.

The reality is, that if you feed the snake, your co-workers will respect you, because your boss will think you are great, since you are helping make them look good to their boss, and thus boosting their chance for an advancement, and ergo, boosting yours.- (for what boss wouldnt want someone who makes them look good, not follow him upward?)

Most “workers” -if they know what is good for them, are going to mimick what your boss says -even if that coworker detest you, or is jealous.

Because they want the boss to think they are great too! So they, like any good king’s man, would never dare disagree.

Introverts vs Extroverts in the Workplace

If you are an extrovert, you don’t need me or anyone to tell you that you will thrive in a work place, you would thrive in a van packed with extra terrestrial beings for crying out loud. I just learnred from one of my wonderful extrovert friends: that extroverts, actually get energized -just-by-being -around-other people.

Just being in a work environment is literally healthy for them.

Introverts, on the other hand, : ) do not necessarily get energized in a work place environment. Some introverts can use of half their energy just trying to psyche themselves up enough just to get to work in the morning,- if they don’t stress themselves completely sick in the process.

And sure, if an introvert is lucky, they might get a good one-on-one conversation during the day, [not that they would be spending anytime looking for it] but that might give them a little mid-day boost, but it’s not a constant stream of well being.

The good news is, is that most introverts are happy just getting the job done. And knowing the reality above, it might actually be a bit of a relief for them. It’s not about making sure everyone in your workplace values you, likes you, or even finds you credible. You don’t have to waste your time on them, they will figure it out soon enough.

Do your job, feed the snake,

but don’t,


let the snake,

feed you.

it is a bit of a balancing act, but just remember the apples aren’t for you, they are for the snake. …….Thanks to AI imagine for being so brave yeesh I hate snakes. yuk

*I mean not esotherically, or theologically speaking, of course . For as to who actually runs the actual world, (or universe), that is a discussion or medium missive, for another day… I need to make sure that I still have enough quills in my inkpot for a chance to make another penny on another medium article someday -in case I get canned from my corporate cog!




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