Thoughts on Building Credibility In The Workplace.

Or How to Feed the Snake, Without Letting the Snake, Feed You.

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Or Rather, How To Forgo Writing 8 Seasons of a Sitcom, and Save Yourself 10 Years of-Insanity.

yah. YOU eat it dummy. -Photo taking by my brave friend imagineAI

I just read a delightful rainbow-lensed article about How To Build Credibility In The Work Place.

I imagine the target audience was for Telletubbies.

Still, if it got into the wrong hands, it could make quite a few people PRETTI frustrated, because work life, isn’t about making eveyone like you, or about building your credibility with the workplace.

It’s about making one person like you.

And that person,

-is your manager.

The sooner you learn this , the closer you are to becoming the CEO.

Building credibility at work, requires pleasing your manager, so they can, in return, please their manager.

That’s it. Period.

Do- what your manager needs you to do,

so his manager will stay off his back.

And that, my friend,

is all, you ever need to do.

“Earning the trust” of people around you, people who work with you, just makes them toss more of the crap that they don’t want to do,- your way.

“Mikey will do it, Mikey is amaaazing with that!”

Ultimately — even though you might pat yourself on the back bc you are so great with helping out, -it’s going to upset your manager, because they are going to now, want to know- why you didn’t get done, what they asked you to get done.

Yet you think to yourself:

“Well…we are a team!

“We Are All A Team!”


You are not a team.

You are there -to feed your boss, who in turn, feeds his boss, who in turn, feeds his boss. ..and so on up the feudal ladder.

If You Aren’t Ready To Handle This Reality, Then You Need To Go…




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