The Queen is Alive And Well, and Chillin Secretly In Scotland.

2 min readAug 10, 2023


Her Majesty, The Queen.

To all my 95 year old friends and comrades.

Yes it’s true.

I am alive and well.

I am sorry for all of the trouble I put everyone through.

We just didn’t know any good way to end it. I felt that it was time just to kick back and enjoy the Moors on the Highlands, and Charles said he was up to the task of running the show from now on.

Still, the gang knew that the public would of course, require a little pomp and extravaganza, even though the country is stone broke.

So that is what we did.

The service was beautiful, and my darling children and grand and great were all that.

The reason for which I find myself prompted to write this, is that

it has come to my recent attention that many of you feel, that since the news said that I had gone, you all are starting to take it as a the end-is-near type of sign.

As if for some reason, you all were holding me, as some sort of marker point for your life. As if I was gone, it meant that your time might be up too.

Now we both know that is absurd, for did you feel that way when someone died younger?

No of course not.

This shouldn’t be any differnet. Plus I’m not even gone, Im just off the publicity track.

The doctors say that my ticker is good for another 30 years plus, so I will have many more years to enjoy my rides, the races, and the wonderful Scotland breezes at Belmoral without a Prime Minister popping in with a new disaster to unfold and solve every five minutes.

The family is aware, as is the Firm, so no need to sound any alarms.

We just wanted to let you all know specifically, since you have been with me since the beginning, and you will be with me long after the end. Which is a very long time away.

So keep your heads up, and chins strong, and carry on.

They still need you all, as do I. Much love and support.

Q .




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