The Girl Who Died From A Raw Vegan Diet, Is Making Me Want To Eat More Healthy

No, I Don’t Know Why.

2 min readSep 5, 2023
10grams of greens per serving, 19 superfoods, and 1 small possibility, that if added to your strange limited fruit intake, could possibly just save your life. Maybe that is why they say its "super". Then again, it might just be a typo, and they meant to call it SupperGreens. photo by zoomplanet . disclaimer is probably not true, it's all green stuff, and the poor girl only ate fruit, so...

I don’t have a death wish.

Zhanna Samsonova was a strong vegan influencer that I had never heard of til about 5 days ago.

She died, from starvation they say.

Looks like she only ate Durian fruit and Jackfruit for the last few years. Which probably isnt too healthy if you are looking for an understatement.

Still, disturbingly the photos showing all of the yummy fruit together amidst her super frail frame, only made me look at the bread & pizza I was eating, and long for some papaya and banana snacks.

So today, dog and I took an excursion off to the nature food store, looking really just for some Brads tea (which they didn’t have- OF COURSE) so I bought enough food to feed a vegan army, and hopefully cure my miserable belly. But who knows.

Still I managed to create a fantastic salad which took me about 2 HOURS , but it was delicious.

I could eat about 10 more bowls of it. So starvation isn’t going to be happening any time soon, but I do want to thank that poor girl, for getting me back on a healthy track.

Salad created by zoomplanet : )

And Brad’s Organic Tea- yah- Shame on you.

Why aren’t you in the health food store?

You just cost me 150.00.





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