Revenge Is Best Served Holding a Marmot.

The pet adoption Process and it’s Nazi Rule Makers

5 min readAug 10


Ai and Francis here are my new best friends. Who needs a cat when you can have a gun wielding guinea, and a talented artist friend who will illustrate all your imagined pictures for free? : )

Recently, or over the past couple of years, I have come to get a better idea of the adoption process of animals in this country, and its absurd gstapo controllers.

Millions of cats and dogs lay await helpless in shelters in hopes that a family will see that beautiful half wit 3 legged, 1 eared beast, and recognize it, as their own.

What the millions of cats and dogs who lay await helpless in shelters cannot see, are the actual Gstapo who are in control of their fates.

I have witnessed this on not one, not two, but three occasions, where I have tried to adopt a dog (once) and a cat (twice, 2 separate attempts to adopt cats)

The Gatekeepers of these benevolent facing organization are twisted and cruel.

We have been owners of all sorts of animals over the past 20 years , none of them ever adopted. Because we have never qualified.

We have gone to all the right schools, have the ability to provide food shelter exercise and love,yet it has never been enuf, for these strange judges of character.

It baffles me as most recently we were trying to adopt a cat, who remained unadopted from January to March, and during that time, remained in a metal cage in the petsmart the entire time, only being allowed out to stretch his legs once in the morning, and then once in the evening, the rest of the time it had to stay in the cage 5 inches away from its litter and poop.

We provided a great application with 3 references including letters from 2 friends and a vet, along with contingencies plans if we died : [ like seriously? Yep seriously. ] What would we do with the pet if we died.(- in hindsight we should have said that we were decendents from the pharaohs and in our culture we actually bury the pets with us. Lol. But we resisted. We provided the proper post mortem providers and so on.

We were not the recipient of the cat.

They then tried to pawn off another cat to us, which we didn’t want. We only wanted the one cat, who weirdly, didn’t even have a full 2 ears, yet he was the cat for us.




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