Looking To The Window Above..

It’s like a story of love..

4 min readSep 14, 2021


Photo by zoomplanet. Thinking about NFTing it bc its a pretty cool photo if I don’t say so myself.😎

Can you hearrr me?

Seeems like only yesterday

I thought I heard you say,

Want you nearrr me,

All I needed was the love you gave,

All I needed was just one more day

And All I ever knew

was Yazoo. 🙃


Clap if you remember that song! 😆

After a crappy day and a pathetic dinner, consisting of a slab of tofu, and two salted, caramel, brownie Oreos- (yes they exist, run to your nearest supermarket and grab a box, before they have us all hooked, and they start making spinach and broccoli oreos, and we will no longer need any other food group bc Oreos will be like the Amazon of food. You’ll just order a box of Steak Au Poivre oreos, with a side box of Broccoli oreos, and possibly some Bacon-Cheddar Twice-baked Potatoes Oreos, and then grab a box of classics, or the one i mentioned above lol, you know, for dessert. )

Anyways, I was too tired and depressed to make anything else. While I was cleaning up my non existent dinner. The photo above, appeared in my kitchen window. The angles were great, so I took a photo, which I plan to paint as well, but the photo itself I felt was also pretty satisfying. -😏a bit of James Turrell in style- messing with light and stuff. But a bit darker I guess.

I liked how the angle of the front square was just a bit off kilter from the light beige one behind it, and then the larger darker, more chestnut brown rectangle, was a different angle then the other two. And in front of all of them, there is a hint of a much larger darker square, or rectangle. Giving it a mysterious feel.

The lyrics from the song above just popped into my head while I was taking the photo.(blame it on the oreos😄)

I hadn’t listened to, or heard that song in years! (and yes the lyrics are a bit off, but that was what i heard in my head so i left it that way. )

Still, I THOUGHT, and assumed, it was from AHa’s song, Take on Me, but when I googled the lyrics to that song, I was confused -




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