It’s was a dark and stormy night

… here in the city. But all was not lost.

A long, wet, rainy way from home…
Hey there.
French Crossing. ..Vive La New York.
Friends and umbrellas make golden sunshine through the rain
Classic Claremont Ivy wth? LOOk at that !👆👀
A trump l’oeil hole . Which clearly explains the time warp. As I must have fallen through a crack here in some sort of time-fissure earthquake. Sure glad I got proof of all this, or people would just think I was crazy! 😐😄
Buddha sighting.. or at least some golden Buddha skin.
A tree stalker.
A mama and her baby girl cone all dressed up on their way ….to a party I guess. How cute are they? Mama looks so proud. I would have asked how old her daughter was, but I don’t speak cone.
Just your typical window ninja. But shhh…he thinks he’s invisible.

Nomadic procrastinator suffering from run-on sentences caught between a 9 to 5, an expired passport, a 30 yr mortgage and a dog who has separation anxiety.

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