And… We’re Off!

3 min readJan 2, 2024


That’s Right Ladies and Gents , The Official Horse Race of 2024 has begun.

Welcome to the 2024 Prix de L’Annee de Triomphe! So many much time!!

Here we are ! We finally made it! Welcome to the 2024 Prix de L’Annee de Triomphe! That’s right ! It’s the Annual World Wide horse race! We are so excited it is finally here!

It’s a year like any year, where ANYTHING can happen! So put on your finest feathers, facinators, and morning coats, and get your bids in early,

or late,

we really don’t care. For the winner, of the 2024 events, is really, at this point, anyones’ guess.

Since we are only on day one of this slog, not much has happened so far.

The horses, as they should, are pacing themselves, since they know they have another 364 days in front of them. And if they want to be the winner, well, they have to know when to play their cards.

For the year is only just getting warmed up, and while there are quite a LOT of horses on this track, it is really difficult to separate one from another at this stage of the game. Still, we are very excited, even on day one, to announce there are already a couple of ambitious horses in the lead:

Japan’s Favorite #1 is Rock Your World ridden by the country’s finest jockey city: Honshu is in the lead with their incredible start of a 7.6 mag earthquake first thing new years day morning! Wow! I tell you, these guys do not waste time!

A few legs behind Japan’s Rock Your World comes Russia’s beautiful black Arabian named All The Tzars Gold,#2 as they put their foot in the competition, with a rather quiet, yet significant start in the race, with their new creation of Stalin Centers all around Russia, in hopes to restore the reputation of their favorite dictator, Joseph Stalin who successfully murdered more than 6million people during his reign.

While the jury is still out about if killing 6 million of your own people is a good way to run a county. The jury cannot deny that All The Tsars Gold, with it’s striking jockey colors of turquoise and gold, could possibly overtake Japan’s Rock Your World… over time.

Remember ladies and gents, this race is not a good vs bad race. It is merely what event is going to win when we come to the 365th day of this year?

Will Japan’s Rock Your World, get left far behind because they didn’t pace themselves?

Or Will Japan’s 2nd favorite: Tokyo Cake Roll, become the winner, tag-teaming Rock Your World, with a grand Tsunami of it’s own that it generated thanks to Rock You World’s assist with the 7.6 earthquake.

Again anything is possible!

A ref walks Risky Love Lock off the track. The American Jockey ha been pulled and will ride another horse in the race.

Unfortunately there have been a couple of disqualification even this early on sadly. One of the disqualification, is The American horse, Risky LoveLock, who got disqualified today. While it’s announcement that Heather Locklear said Tom Cruise had some questionable dance moves, proved worthy of a move, but after further investigation, the dancing in question, occurred back in 1982, so the horse has sadly, now been disqualified. We apologize if any of you had already pinned your dreams on Risky Love Lock. It’s owner said they should have check the horse more thoroughly before putting it in the race. They admitted that they did had an inkling, but then chalked it up to opening day jitters. When asked if they had other horses in the race, the American owner smiled and said yes, but that we will just have to wait and see. He said that he had advised all of his jockeys to pace themselves, but said, that once a jockey is on their horse and running the track, “it’s pretty much out of my hands and up to the horse and rider.”

Welcome to the 2024 Prix de L’Annee de Triomphe Who will it be??




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