Please point out that I’m wrong!

Contrary to popular belief: Your FIRST Response, is your only response.

Where are my drafts of comments Medium? What have you done with them? Are you saying that I can only respond without thinking, without editing? Where is the civility in that? Where is the logic ?

This is not how I was brought up. And sure, in searching for a…

Why I can never make a decent smoothie and other explanations of my life.

I Hate Directions.

I mean I like them, but I hate following them.. because seriously, where is the excitement and adventure in that?!

I have an innate rebellious gene somewhere in me that causes my ego to simply refuse to accept that that is the way to the finished product.

This is mostly…

It’s like a story of love..

Can you hearrr me?

Seeems like only yesterday

I thought I heard you say,

Want you nearrr me,

All I needed was the love you gave,

All I needed was just one more day

And All I ever knew

was Yazoo. 🙃


Clap if you remember that song! 😆

Though if I have a say, I would still have blame my teacher, Mrs Smith from Seventh Grade.

Look, if I never had to take a public speaking class, the world wouldn’t be in the predicament that we are in.


No. I’m Not talking Covid, though who knows, that could be a by product of what has happened to the oceans, the ozone, everything, Ugh. what a mess I made.

Still ALLL if this could have been avoided.

In seventh grade, I had to take a class on public speaking.

We all did.

Why ? I have…

Someone must be ‘in the midst..’

It’s the weekend again.

And off the tether I toddle.

Lost in a city of movement, newness, precarious futures, and pandemic recovery.

On the weekends I often choose to just disconnect entirely.

To regain my bearings, decompress, and recuperate while focusing on things that need attentiveness, my actions usually consist of the following:


I’m cheating on my IPhone, with a Galaxy Fold.

I just checked my IPhone again today, and I am still sure that I was correct in the switch.

I left my IPhone for the Samsung Galaxy Fold2, and I’ve never been happier.

The Galaxy Fold 2 is a Samsung phone that folds in half like a book. The outside which I guess would be like the cover of a book, is more narrow…

I feel like I am a new person.

After 365 days of solitude, waiting 20 minutes to speak to a human,-isn’t all that bad.

Sure, I can wait.

I’d had a rough day.

Things were piling up.

And with the panic of a new month, and new crises, I was just about to throw out a Hail Mary…

He said he was running out..

Time paid me a visit today and said he was running out.

I’m not sure why he felt the need to announce this absurdity,

maybe he was feeling neglected. 😐.


Maybe he felt that we were taking him for granted.

I mean sure,

he’s gone on rants before saying…

Unless you want to be woken from a nightmare.

The last time i recovered from Covid, I spent an inordinant amount of money, on carnivorous food to reboot myself and feed my starving bones the protein they were lacking.

THIS TIME, after suffering for 24 hours with a 102 fever, after taking the vaccine, and getting a speed thru…

… here in the city. But all was not lost.

It’s was a dark and stormy night… in the city. But all was not lost. Even though I had to walk 20 blocks out of the way in search of a notary.. and never found one.😐🙄

Still, the soak was worth it. All was not lost, (except possibly my…


Nomadic procrastinator suffering from run-on sentences-caught btwn a 9 -5; an exp passport; a 30 yr mtg;+a dog who has sep. anxiety when no oxford comma is used

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